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Mesh, paper, plastic, and cardboard are just the beginning.
Our high-quality, affordable products offer the best in wholesale and retail packaging — from farmers’ market supplies and fish packaging to multi-purpose polypropylene bags, to bags and boxes designed for small marketplaces and grocery stores.
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Whether you need supplies for a small, local harvest or have larger-scale industrial needs, we have packaging that works for you.

We also carry the packing supplies that work with our products, so you can get your shopping done in one place.

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Family owned & operated

Globe bag has been trusted by our customers for over 65 years

We founded Globe Bag Company, Inc. in 1956, to provide superior retail and wholesale produce packaging supplies to our customers. Serving companies large and small, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge, quality products, and timely service. More than just a distributor, we consider ourselves a partner to all our customers. Our expert sales representatives are here to help you with whatever you need, and to recommend the most convenient, economical, and up-to-date agricultural packaging for your products.

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We do our best to keep things affordable while never sacrificing quality — because nothing’s more expensive than a bag that fails.



We will always let you know what’s happening with your order, and which products make the most sense for your needs.



We offer many sizes, shapes and colors so you get just the product you want. One-size definitely does not fit all.


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Even during the most challenging times, we work hard to maintain inventory so we can supply you with the products you need, when you need them.

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“Great Company to do business with. Straightforward and clear. Very friendly and knowledgeable sales staff." Vincent P.
"Great customer service, professional and knowledgeable." Richard
"The people who work here are so friendly." Eber R.