10 Items To Bring to the Farmer’s Market This Fall

10 Items To Bring to the Farmer’s Market This Fall
Fall harvests sprout various leafy greens, a range of root vegetables, and an assortment of cabbage family members. They make popular ingredients in an array of recipes and are favored among many. Before most places brace for winter, fall farmer’s markets make the most of the remaining warmth and the last season of the year for fruitful harvests. Paired with a seasonal aesthetic and traditional celebrations like Halloween and Thanksgiving, fall farmer’s markets are just as popular as their summer and spring counterparts. As a vendor, here are 10 must-have items to bring to the farmers’ market this fall.

Seasonal Favorites

Many people love fall for its aesthetic essence. In most places, fall brings colorful trees, sweater weather, cozy atmospheres, and spiced aromas and flavors. Playing into the seasonal festivities ensures you leave the market with lots of sales and attraction. Here are some popular seasonal favorites to feature at your booth.

Pumpkins and Gourds

From carvers to pie fanatics, pumpkins reign as the most popular autumnal harvest. For numerous decades, they’ve represented the face of the season. They feature a unique taste and make key ingredients for popular fall pumpkin-spiced treats, drinks, and scents. As Halloween gets closer, more people join the hunt for a perfect pumpkin and a characteristic gourd to pick.

Fresh Apples

Like pumpkins, apples make numerous appearances in autumnal festivities. They feature in classic seasonal traditions like apple bobbing, candy apple treats, apple pie, and warm ciders. Their tangy and sweet smell and taste make them a fall essential and a great food to stock up on.

Cinnamon Sticks

Pungent, spicy scents add to fall festivities, matching the cozy ambiances of a crackling wood fire and soft sweater. Cinnamon sticks make a profitable farmer’s market item. They produce a specific spiced aroma and flavor that matches the fall vibes, making them a highly demanded fall farmer’s market goodie.

Apple Cider

On a brisk day, a warm cup of apple cider goes a long way. The cider’s warmth and spiciness make people feel like they are taking a sip of fall, creating cozy, idyllic autumnal experiences. Offering apple cider samples at your booth makes the shoppers come running and attract others to your various other displays.

Cardboard Produce Boxes

Keep your table organized with a range of cardboard produce boxes. They store, protect, and display your harvests in a presentable and manageable manner. Cardboard boxes make shopping and selling easier, containing the goods in one place. They also make carrying bulk supplies doable in a single trip.

Paper Grocery Bags

Instead of handing your customers plastic bags for their purchases, promote green living and sustainability with paper grocery bags. These alternative packaging solutions provide multiple uses and benefits. They help carry any bought products, keep items secured during travel, and save the planet. They are reusable, compostable, and recyclable, making them an eco-friendly addition to anyone’s market experience.

Pumpkin Bins

If you’ve got a lot of pumpkins and gourds to sell, ensure to bring some pumpkin bins to the market. As a popular seasonal favorite, pumpkins are the most demanded and profitable item to sell at a fall farmer’s market. Using bins to store and display pumpkins saves you room on your selling table while keeping them clean and off the ground. Like regular cardboard boxes, they make selling and managing the harvests more streamlined. Multiple bins allow you to organize your pumpkins. You can separate and display various pumpkins, from pie versions to small display ones, in their own designated sections. It further streamline the shopping experience, help customers find the type they’re looking for.

Produce Bags

From the market to their new home, produce often endures quite a trip before reaching its final destination. Produce bags contain any item, ensuring loose leaves, lingering residue, excess juices, and sheddings from certain fruits and veggies don’t leave a trail on their journey. It makes the ride home less messy and more successful. On top of securing goods, produce bags also keep external influences out, sealing the produce from a range of factors like bugs, weather, and dirt.

Berry Baskets

Although most berries flourish in the summer, some linger to early fall. Blackberries, cranberries, raspberries, and goji berries make it to the beginning of the fall harvests. As the remnants of berry season, many people try to get their hands on whatever fresh fruit they can get, making them a hot commodity at farmer’s markets. Packing berry baskets allows you to divvy up the berries in set weights and keep them contained on display. They also make carrying bulk berries easier and more manageable.

Berry Caps and Covers

In tandem with berry baskets, bringing a bunch of berry basket caps and covers further enhances your customer’s shopping experience. They secure to the lid of generic berry baskets, ensuring that any loose berries don’t go flying out during their trip home or spill in bags. Plus, the covers keep bugs and dirt on the outside and away from your fresh harvests.

Water Sprayer

Farmer’s markets can last for hours. Bringing a water sprayer ensures you keep your stock of harvested goods fresh and looking clean. Like you, your produce will spend most of its time at the market sitting in the sun until a customer arrives. Although autumnal weather produces less intense heat waves and sun glares, long hours outdoors still create a hindering effect. With a spritz of water, your fruit and veggies will stay hydrated, preserve longer, and pull through the heat while on show. Water droplets capturing the sun’s reflection also make fruits and veggies look more appetizing.

Scales and a Cash Box

Some basic yet essential must-have items to bring to a market are scales and cash boxes. Sometimes, people require a certain amount of ingredients for a particular recipe, only needing to buy a set amount rather than a bulk load. Carrying a scale helps you serve those customers with particular shopping requirements. It also helps you divvy out costs per pound instead of per bunches. Although most people now use credit cards and touch payment forms, carrying a cash box still offers multiple uses. It ensures you keep any valuables in a safe, secure place, and in case anyone prefers to use cash, a locked cash box allows you to properly store and give change.

Miscellaneous Items

Other essential items to pack and bring for a successful day in the market include:
  • Stationary for labeling and writing receipts
  • Water bottle so you too can stay hydrated
  • Weights or sandbags to hold down your tent
  • A tent to keep you shaded
  • Extra boxes and produce bags
  • Business cards to promote your business

Knowing what items to bring to a fall farmer’s market ensures you make the most of the business opportunity. It prepares you for successful sales, helps your customers receive what they’re looking for, and shop with ease. At Globe Bag Company, we sell an assortment of produce packaging supplies that’ll enhance your vending experience. Proper packaging supplies keep you organized and make carrying bulk items less challenging. Stock up on bulk supplies and get ready for some fall farmer’s markets!