4 Factors To Consider When Buying Paper Grocery Bags

4 Factors To Consider When Buying Paper Grocery Bags

Bags are an essential part of a business. They help customers transport their food, and the bags you buy affect your business and your customers. Buying paper grocery bags will have some benefits and drawbacks that require consideration to make the most of your purchase. For more information on factors to consider when buying these paper grocery bags, read on.


When you buy anything in bulk, you'll need to consider the quantity and how you'll use it. Paper bags come in bundles ranging from a stack of 50 to cartons of 500, and it's important to consider how many you'll need. Calculate how many customers you'll have weekly or monthly and factor in how many bags you go through on average within this time.

Buy multiple cartons of paper bags with enough stock to overlap with the next order period to ensure you don't run out while slowly building a surplus. Your supply will decrease daily, and you must consider how many you need to ensure you have enough for your customers.

Environmental Impact

Paper grocery bags have better recyclability than plastic bags, but some paper products are easier to recycle. While the paper material of the bag is recyclable, the adhesion and ink on the bag aren't.

Many people enjoy the option of paper bags because they’re more eco-friendly than plastic. However, if there’s a thick adhesive holding the bag together, it defeats the purpose. Purchase bags with more paper material that rely less on adhesion. Recyclable bags will attract more people to your business and improve your reputation for offering more environmentally friendly options.

Weight Capacity

People rely on grocery bags to transport their purchased food, making the bag's durability essential. Consider the bags’ weight capacity and ensure they hold groceries without tearing. Brown paper grocery bags can have an average weight capacity of around 75 pounds.

You’ll want to find bags that carry more to incentivize customers to purchase more groceries. Give your customers a reliable bag to carry their groceries, regardless of what's inside. They’ll appreciate the durability and higher weight capacity as they return to buy more of your goods.


The bag's design will be a noticeable part of the checkout experience as the food becomes packaged. Colorful paper bags will make your business feel unique and memorable to those who buy from you. Adding a design or logo to the bag will give people an image to reference and improve your food's marketing.

A colorful paper tote bag for groceries will also inspire people to keep their bags or reuse them when possible for returning trips. And if they take these bags to other places, others will see them and consider buying from your business.

Paper grocery bags are a common item used in various sales of food. Consider these factors when buying paper grocery bags so that you have effective bags that customers will admire.