4 Tips for Getting Your Onions To Grow Bigger

4 Tips for Getting Your Onions To Grow Bigger

Many use a variety of onions in different cuisines, and when they buy onions from you, one of the first things they’ll notice is the size. Selling large onions allows people to feel they’re spending their money wisely. You can help your onion harvest yield larger bulbs by using various methods. Read on for four tips for making your onions grow bigger, and expect a heavier basket full of this produce for the next farmers market.

Growing large, healthy onions requires at least two things: the right amount of water and the best choice of fertilizer.

Watering Your Onions

Onions need thorough watering once a week, including rainfall. The shallow roots won’t reach far and need moist soil to produce sizeable onions.

Avoid overwatering them by using an irrigation system or placing drip tape into the ground to help keep the moisture level consistent. Give the soil time to dry if you notice the leaves beginning to yellow. Press your finger into the dirt until it reaches your second knuckle. If it doesn’t feel damp, it’s time to water the onions again.

Fertilizing Your Onions

A variety of different fertilizers are available on the market that will help your onions grow bigger. Some of the best fertilizers will include nitrogen-based substances with ammonium. You can also add appropriate composted materials to provide extra nutrients.

Ensure you have the right balance of fertilizer and compost so you don’t accidentally harm the plant. If you have acidic soil, use more fertilizer to balance it.

Removing All the Weeds

As previously stated, onions require a lot of water on a weekly basis. If weeds are present, the bulbs won’t receive as much water. Since onions have shorter roots than weeds, they won’t have the chance to absorb the water they need. Remove all the weeds as soon as they pop up to keep them from spreading within your onion patch.

Planting the Best Stage of Onion

You can plant an onion in one of three stages: as a seed, as a set, or as a plant. Seeds typically require indoor care for the first two months; they mature after four months. Planting onions from seedlings is a great way to care for them and ensure they develop into large produce.

Sets are small, dormant bulbs that are the size of a cherry and will take over a week to sprout. An onion set is a mature seedling that still needs time to grow. These bulbs will take less time to reach their peak but require a soil pH of 6.0 to 7.0 for proper growth.

Establish onion plants in early spring when the cold begins to fade. Fostering an onion plant will help you determine how large your onions grow. Each leaf you see is a ring around the onion and indicates its size. It’s possible to use all these stages of onion for calculating their growth, but the onion plant may be the best option for observation and shorter growth time.

Growing onions to great sizes will require proper caretaking knowledge. Use these tips to harvest larger onions in the future, and remember to buy 50 lb onion bags to make storing your produce easier.