4 Tips for Safely Shipping Perishable Food

4 Tips for Safely Shipping Perishable Food

As a grower and seller of various foods, you’ll need to ship your goods out to buyers, and perishable foods need protection on their journey. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to keep perishables safe while in transport. Explore a few helpful tips to safely ship perishable food and keep it in good condition from departure to arrival.

Thoroughly Tape the Box

The box you ship the perishables in must remain secure throughout the trip. Tape the box using an H-taping method to secure the middle and sides. Use this method on both sides to ensure there aren’t any vulnerable spots that could lead the box to open.

Use strong packing tape and ensure you use a box with a “This Side Up” label to prevent improper handling by the mail carrier or recipient. If you want extra security, tape the box’s corners to ensure it maintains its shape.

Ensure the Perishable Label Is Visible

Some boxes may be prelabeled with a “perishable” label, but they must be visible to anyone who handles the package. People must see that the box has perishable items so that they can ensure it remains in conditions fit for perishables, such as a refrigerator or freezer.

If the label isn’t on the box, write it on the box in large print that’s easily visible. You can also buy labels that mark the box perishable and place them on multiple sides to help people understand what they’re handling.

Use Insolation and Ice Packs

Insolation is essential for any perishable food, and you’ll need to properly insolate your food to prevent spoilage before it arrives at its destination. Use styrofoam boxes to maintain cold temperatures. Add styrofoam sheets to keep items in place and prevent them from moving around in the box.

You’ll need to place the styrofoam box in a cardboard box for shipping purposes, and using insulated air-filled liners will help keep it secured if there’s extra space inside the cardboard box. If necessary, include ice packs inside the styrofoam box to ensure the perishable food remains cold. Avoid placing the ice packs against the food to prevent frost, which may harm certain vegetables such as lettuce or citrus fruits.

Use the Right Containers for Perishables

Before you ship or pack any foods, you must ensure they have the proper packaging to protect your products. There are a variety of containers for perishables that seal or close to prevent the contents from spilling out or becoming contaminated.

You can place leafy vegetables in bags since they’re more flexible than other produce. Meanwhile, small, sensitive foods such as berries need containers that will absorb any pulp they exude. Buy pulp berry baskets wholesale to help you contain the berries and absorb the pulp. Place netting or plastic wrap over the opening to ensure the contents remain inside. Lastly, you can use netted bags for foods such as potatoes or onions to provide ventilation over the trip.

Shipping your food requires care and assurance that they safely make it to the desired location. Use these tips to safely ship perishable foods and ensure you have reliable transportation for better business.