4 Types of Produce Bags and Which Is Better for You

4 Types of Produce Bags and Which Is Better for You

The right produce bags lend themselves to an attractive way to convey the real quality of your goods. But with so many options, choosing the best bag may present some challenges for you and your farming operations. Use this guide to learn about the types of produce bags and which is better for you when it comes to transporting your products.

Paper Produce Bags

Paper is notable for its biodegradability and recyclability, fitting in well with an overall “green” market ethos. These bags are dependable and handle a variety of produce without tearing or damaging goods, presenting a professional image that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers. However, they’re not the most water-resistant option, meaning your veggies might not stay as fresh as they could in transit.

Plastic Produce Bags

For many, plastic is the unbeatable choice for its sleek appearance, durability, and the fact that it lets the colors of your fruits and vegetables pop. Thanks to their tear resistance and longevity, plastic bags are very handy for keeping produce fresh for longer periods. However, its environmental impact has been widely questioned, especially in markets with sustainable living goals.

Mesh Produce Bags

Mesh bags are the rising stars of produce packaging. Their breathability keeps produce from getting clammy, and the visibility shows your offerings to potential customers. Mesh is a sturdier option than paper, meaning you often get more than one use out of each bag.

Additionally, their washability makes them a more hygienic choice. However, they’re not always the most practical for every type of produce, and the ventilation may hamper shelf life if your market isn’t air-conditioned or moisture-controlled.

Burlap Produce Bags

If you’re looking for earthy charm and sustainability, burlap’s the bag for you. Burlap is a robust and reusable option, often touted for its organic qualities, which appeal to a consumer base that values a rustic, artisanal feel.

Burlap also excels in durability and breathability, making it easier to keep your produce fresh and delightful. On the downside, its rough texture might not lend itself well to certain types of delicate produce, such as grapes or berries, and the laborious cleaning process may cause an inconvenience for quick turnarounds at busy markets.

Choosing the Right Bag for You

The best produce bag is the one that aligns with your brand’s values, market environment, and, of course, the produce you’re selling. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but understanding each type’s unique benefits and constraints makes it easier to choose the type of produce bag that’s better for you. Find the bags you need at an agricultural packaging company you can trust, like Globe Bag Company, where we have dozens of bagging options. Whether you choose a classic paper bag, the emerging favorite mesh, or the organic appeal of burlap, your choice benefits your produce and helps you sell.