4 Ways To Use Color To Create Brand Awareness for Your Farm

4 Ways To Use Color To Create Brand Awareness for Your Farm

One way to draw consumers to your product is through the simple use of color and color schemes to enhance how they view the product. Here are four ways to use color to create brand awareness for your farm and get a better idea of this practice.

Colors That Complement

If you’ve found a certain brand scheme striking, you’ll notice that they likely use complementary colors in their branding. When we say complementary, what we mean is different from what you think. When colors complement, they can be assorted in various arrangements. You might think of them as being alike, so they balance each other. In fact, they don’t have to be alike at all. Colors can complement one another and be opposite on the color wheel, such as blue and orange. They still work together toward a common goal in advertising. You might use red and white to associate fresh farm eggs this way.

Tapping Into Customers’ Emotions

If you’ve ever paid close attention to colors and how they work with the mind, you know that all colors elicit certain emotions. Colors trigger people through their memories and things they associate with certain colors, which can bring out an emotional response. Suppose you sell large bags of corn by the kernel, and those bags are bright yellow. This bright hue might make the customers believe the product is fresh and authentic, as it comes straight off the farm.

Remembering Your Target Audience

Companies have to keep two things in mind if they want to continue on the path to success: their customers and their needs. They associate logos and color schemes with your products, so pay attention to that response. If you know your consumers are pleased with your color schemes and associate them with your products, you will have made a statement that sells!

Keeping Your Brand Consistent

Imagine a company that sells peanuts, and their packaging of net produce bags are dark purple. That’s how they will be recognized. If the company changes up the scheme and sells its products in white bags, it might not have the same results as it once did. This all relates to the consistency of your color scheme and how those colors affect your sales. Because a company is known for purple peanut bags, that becomes the trademark of the business.

Colors make it easier to tell things apart or compete in the market. We have explained four ways to use color to create brand awareness for your farm so you can see how important color is in business.