5 Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Potatoes

5 Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Potatoes

Most people cook with produce, so this kind of product is always in demand. This means selling potatoes should be relatively easy. However, it might take a little more work to improve your sales. Here are five effective marketing strategies for your potatoes so you can sell your goods like a professional.

Sell Your Product in Bulk

If you’re selling your products wholesale, you may attract more buyers. People are always looking to strike a deal, and they’ll appreciate being able to buy discount produce in bulk from you. They will likely also want to do business with you in the future, so you’ll have earned a recurring client.

Sell Specialty Potatoes

People love specialty items. The more niche you can make your products, the more likely you will be to attract customers over your competitors. You may eventually be known for these specialty potatoes, so you’ll need to check them for quality and have as many as possible on hand for sale.

Don’t Forget the Packaging

When marketing your product, pay attention to its presentation. In addition to providing a quality product, make a good impression through packaging. You can use potato packaging bags or boxes, personalizing them to your brand to make them more attractive to customers. The packaging should have aeration for air circulation to prevent molding or growth. You’ll also need to label the packaging to create a distinctive brand for your product and company and make your product look professional.

Remember Your Clients

If you have regular clients who hold specific jobs, like a chef or restaurant owner, make sure to have the products they want on hand when they need them. Before you set up your shop, have the products reserved for them when they order, whether an individual order of a small amount or a wholesale amount. If you care for them, these individuals and companies will make your potato business thrive.

Make Your Own Products

You can even make special, potato-based products to give depth to your potato business. These products should be things that potato lovers can agree on which are essential to cooking and eating. You might sell homemade kettle chips, sweet potato pies as side items, or simple cooking items like potato starch. This will give your business character and distinction.

The product doesn’t sell itself! You need a strategy, which is why we’ve provided five marketing strategies for your potatoes. This list will point you in the right direction as you create a marketing plan.