5 Fun Ways To Prepare Farmers Market Potatoes

5 Fun Ways To Prepare Farmers Market Potatoes

Selling potatoes at a farmers market offers numerous benefits. Market goers love to reach for them because there are so many ways to use them. Here are five fun potato preparations that will make your crops a hot seller at the markets and dinner table.

Farmers Market Roast

Fresh potatoes paired with other market finds and sprinkled with thyme make a wonderful roast. Throwing them in the oven makes them golden and crispy, and this is one of the most popular ways to enjoy this root vegetable. Mixing them with other farmers market veggies like peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, and freshly picked thyme allows the potatoes to absorb the assortment of flavors oozing from the nearby ingredients. You’ll have a hearty garden meal!

Pro Tip: To inspire customers to pick your potatoes and try their hand at the roast, place your potatoes near other potential ingredients for this crispy dish. They’ll subconsciously make the connection as they realize how good the harvests look together.

Baked Stuffed Potato

Stuffed potatoes, also commonly known as fully loaded baked potatoes, are a popular appetizer in multiple dining locations. They give you some filling carbs and treat you to an array of complementary tastes in a single bite. Like the farmers market roast, a loaded potato encourages people to use other market finds like cheese and fresh herbs to create this delicious masterpiece.

Potato Pancake

If you want to use fewer ingredients, try your hand at potato pancakes. Shredded potatoes combined with egg and pressed flat give you a simple, traditional Eastern European dish. Their basic recipe makes them a quick treat to cook up. Plus, it attracts beginner chefs.

Pro Tip: Writing up a potato pancake recipe on a card and placing it on your market table near your potatoes subliminally advertises your crops. The recipe grabs people’s attention, and those that get inspired make a purchase.

Fresh Festive Mash

Along with french fries, chips, and baked potatoes, mash is one of the most popular ways to relish potatoes. There are various ways to make a mashed dish, varying in added ingredients and textures. Mashed potatoes also are a traditional festive dinner side, making a common appearance on Thanksgiving and Christmas tables. Peeling, boiling, mashing, adding a splash of milk and butter, and flavoring it with rosemary produces a mashed delight.

Creamy Veggie Soup

In colder weather forecasts, soup is the food of choice. It warms your body as each sip travels down your throat and as the rich flavors fill your tum. Cooking up a creamy veggie soup gives you a winter meal that warms both your body and soul.

These five fun potato preparations show a few of the various reasons why selling potatoes at the market makes an effective investment. When selling your stock on your stand, our paper potato sacks for sale make a reliable carrier and packaging for your customers to secure their potatoes until it’s time to cook up one of these recipes. Check out our selection and help others enjoy the various ways to savor the tastiness of a potato.