7 Tips for Setting Up a Produce Display at a Farmers Market

7 Tips for Setting Up a Produce Display at a Farmers Market

As a produce seller, you’ll find that some of the best business occurs in farmers markets, where you’ll place your products in the open for people to see. Potential customers will appreciate a produce stall that looks as good as the product. Read on to learn some helpful tips for setting up a produce display at a farmers market and watch your stock deplete from the numerous people you sell to.

Keep Everything Organized

Prioritize organization in your produce display to maintain a tidy appearance. People will respect your efforts and will feel more attracted to your wares. A put-together display of fruits and vegetables will give the impression that you care about your business and you put in the work to keep everything in order.

Create obvious sections for your produce by sorting them by food group and fruit or vegetable type. Arrange them in rows for an orderly appearance that will give customers better visibility of your offerings. Ensure you neaten the display throughout the day as customers make purchases and leave vacant spaces.

Use Signs and Price Tags

Place your price tags in a format that suits your stand. Use small chalkboards around your stall that signifies the product prices.

Signs are a great way to make a display more noticeable, especially when you include greetings and special offers. The sign could also be a folding chalkboard stand you’ll often see outside restaurants and cafes for a more noticeable feature. Chalkboards will stand out among the crowd because of their slightly older display style, and people will feel inclined to look at what it says and how it relates to the display in front of them.

Consider the Type of Display Table You Want

The display table sets the stage for your product and will take up most of your stall’s appearance. Sellers typically use two types of display tables for their produce: flat or angled. Each type will have benefits that will improve the display and give customers a reason to visit your stall. Weigh these benefits when brainstorming ideas for setting up your produce display at the farmers market.


The flat table will create a stable surface that keeps produce in place. If you have a large crate with tall walls, the produce will have a secure enclosure, preventing foods such as tomatoes and steaks from rolling away. The crate will also help you maintain organization by creating a grid for loose fruit or fruit inside agricultural packaging, such as plastic clamshells and boxes.

A great benefit of the flat table is the convenience of finding one. This display table could be any flat table you find anywhere, whether it’s a plastic, foldable one or a wooden kitchen table from your home. Use a tablecloth to cover multiple tables to create a seamless look.


You’ll typically find these tables in the produce section of grocery stores holding a variety of small fruits. These tables will have a sloping surface with a rail or wooden board at the edges to prevent the produce from tumbling to the floor.

Place your loose produce in an organized format on the angled table or in small baskets for easier organization. This table comes in a variety of different stands and designs, with some providing the option to convert into a flat surface for the best of both worlds.

Add Splashes of Color

Incorporating colors is a great way to attract more people to your display. The display prioritizes visual elements to attract potential buyers, and with a creative color scheme, people will take a closer look at what you have for sale. Use bright colors like red, white, pink, yellow, and orange for the most noticeable design.

Your display will stand out when you use bright colors to highlight what you have on display and create an atmosphere of positive energy around your stall. Adding darker blues, greens, purples, and black tones will create a nice contrast. Adding colors to various display sections to match the produce will also provide great color coordination. Use orange baskets to hold the oranges and place green mats underneath the lettuce to impress customers.

Consider a Theme

Themes will help you choose colors to the best of your ability and make your display stand out among the other vendors. Your theme could include different shapes and patterns that create a specific style.

Diamonds, hearts, or images of nature will create an interesting theme, allowing it to become memorable to those who buy from you. After multiple years of selling at the farmers market, people will seek out your stall as an identifiable part of the space.

Make the Produce Look Abundant

People enjoy the look of a large display of food. The quantity lets them know that you have a significant amount of stock, and when the produce is good quality, they’ll feel assured that there’s more to come.

A display of abundant produce will attract people that like to purchase their groceries wholesale. Arranging produce into stacks or placing small produce into large bowls will give the impression of abundance. People will see the clustered fruit and focus more on the mass instead of the actual number, making them consider buying multiple since you have so much to offer.

Create an Easily Accessible Space

People need easy access to your stock. Configure your layout to help guide people around your display. Make a U or V-shape that clearly presents your produce and gives people the space to shop.

If your stall is on a corner, you could make an L-shape where people outside of the “L” will move along the length of the display on both sides. Customers enjoy the convenience and want the best view of your display to gauge what they want to buy.

Have a Visible Display

You don’t want your stand to go unnoticed among the other sellers. Visibility is essential to make the best produce display and attract more people. The farmers market is a competitive location with numerous people wanting to sell what they have, and you’ll need to make sure people notice you quickly to have an edge.

The signs and bright colors mentioned before will help your display stand out, but you could also add other features, such as battery-powered lights, to make it shine. Verbally greet passersby as a more friendly way to gain attention and make your display visible. They’ll look your way and notice your display and what you have. Even if they don’t immediately visit, you’ll at least make a good impression that will make them more willing to return.

Your display is the face of your stall at the farmers market, and you’ll need the best one for better sales. Use these tips to give it a great appearance that will attract many, and watch as the produce you harvested leave the market, and the profits roll in.

7 Tips for Setting Up a Produce Display at a Farmers Market