7 Ways To Stand Out and Sell More at the Farmers Market

7 Ways To Stand Out and Sell More at the Farmers Market
For many years, farmer markets have become a summertime staple in the U.S. Warm weather is back in action, and summer markets are making a return to the stands. From the gorgeous outdoor weather and temperatures to people’s schedules freeing up for vacations, summertime makes the best season for running an outdoor farmers market. They can be very busy, with thousands of people passing through in just day, which gives you lots of opportunities to sell more at your farmers market. But there are a few ways to make your booth stand out in the crowd. Whether you are a veteran vendor or a newbie planning to participate this year, use these seven different ways to stand out and sell more at your next farmers market event.

Create an Enticing Display

Creating an enticing display is one effective idea to consider when you’re thinking about your farmers market booth display. Visual appeal plays an essential role in the vending industry. As people peruse the crowds and lanes of stalls, the most attractive stands will lure and catch their attention. Every additional pair of eyes on your product increases the chance of making sales. When people like what they see, their wallet appears at your mercy. There are many different tricks to creating an enticing display, including:
  • Color coordinating the stand
  • Placing the most visually appealing products upfront
  • Implementing creative labeling
  • Ensuring that there is good lighting
  • Using display stands and baskets
  • Decorating the stall with knick-knacks
  • Avoiding overcrowding produce
  • Keeping the display table organized and systemized
  • Creating signage
While creating an attention-grabbing display for your farmers market booth, you also want to create a sign. Although adding décor and bright colors attracts many people, too much of it can be overwhelming. Most shoppers come to the markets with set items on their list. An enticing yet orderly stall helps point them in the right direction.

Pro Tip

Try to include something in your stall or design setup that makes it unique and memorable, like a tent with your logo on it, customized display stands, or a signature aesthetic. If you’re the only stall with a boho-inspired setup, that’ll become your signature quality and an attribute people can look for in the next market pop-up.

Market Your Market Stall

Like creating an enticing display, marketing your stall brings people’s attention to you and your goods. Nowadays, technology plays a huge part in marketing. From Instagram and TikTok to Facebook and Twitter, there are numerous social media sites that can help you promote your business. Creating a social media account allows you to create a brand, reach numerous people, create a loyal following, advertise your stock of products, and inform people when you are attending a farmers market.

Pro Tip

Hand out QR codes or business cards at your stall, either with the receipt or in their bag, that list off your contact info and social media pages. Numerous online sites can create special QR codes and link trees to bring people to your various profiles and contact information page. Promoting your social media sites further advertizes your stall, helps customers remember you, and builds your repertoire outside of the markets.

Grab a Center Stand

Your farmers market display will be even more effective if you're able to set up your stand at a key location. Take center stage with a stall in the middle of it all. Location affects your booth’s traffic. The easier your booth is to find, the more sales you’ll make. A setup at the end of the line or in the corner of the market reduces the likelihood of people making it to your neck of the woods. Depending on the heat and spread of the market, some people barely make it halfway through the entire event location. If you can pick your stand, choosing a spot near the center or most populated part of the map increases your chances of seeing customers and increasing sales.

Pro Tip

For markets with a clear entrance and exit, setting up your table by the front further boosts your success rate. A stall by the entrance attracts those that prefer a quick one-stop shop. Most people prefer prioritizing convenience instead of looking through all their options and picking from the bunch.

Offer Sample Products

Everyone loves free things. Like visual appeal, attracting the other senses plays a huge role in sealing deals on sales. Samples give customers a free sneak peek at your products. It allows them to experience an item’s scent, taste, and quality. If they like what they experience, they’ll want more. Offering samples also brings attention to your stall. It adds an interactive component, making shopping at your booth a fun and memorable encounter.

Pro Tip

Provide a selection of samples instead of just offering one type. For example, if you sell apples, offer sample slices of a Fuji, Gala, McIntosh, and Honeycrisp apple rather than multiple slices of a Granny Smith. Different sample selections create even more engagement opportunities and help customers find or decide what they want.

Collaborate vs. Compete

Farmers markets unite various small businesses, providing them an opportunity to share their goods with the public in a designated space and event. Whether you offer cross-business deals, share a booth, or use each other to promote one another, collaborating with fellow vendors makes attending farmers markets more enjoyable. Even though the goal is to make sufficient earnings at the end of the day, embracing the community instead of competing with other stalls benefits your business more.

Pro Tip

For new vendors, tag-teaming with a veteran vendor gives you a mentor to follow and access to the ins and outs of navigating the specific community and market. Plus, if you are going to stand in the sun for a long time, having friends nearby makes it more bearable and entertaining. They can also provide extra hands during setup and packing.

Accept All Payment Options

There are numerous ways to receive and send money, from cards and cash to apps and digital wallets. As a customer, after spending time picking out the perfect items to buy, being denied during payment is a frustrating experience. Accepting all payment types allows you to broaden your reach of customers and creates a more efficient system. With versatile payment options, your customers can choose their preferred payment method, improving their customer experience and making their lives easier.

Provide Quality Service

Like any other form of sales, the better the customer experience, the better your repertoire, and the more likely they are to return. For example, be sure to provide your customers with bags and boxes to carry their items home—which is only one part of excellent service. Providing quality service includes simplifying the shopping experience, offering support, creating a welcoming and comforting atmosphere, and being inclusive. A simple change in facial expression makes a difference too. As a customer, interacting with a grumpy and rude shopkeeper ruins the appeal of the stall and shopping experience. Meanwhile, engaging with a happy and energetic vendor or someone good at reading people’s social cues improves the experience greatly. Standing out at the farmers market does wonder for your business. It helps you sell more goods, increase earnings, and improve your reputation. Globe Bag offers numerous farmers market supplies that’ll further enhance your vending and customer experience. 

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 7 Ways To Stand Out and Sell More at the Farmers Market