A Short Intro to Wax Coated Produce Boxes

A person wearing a gray sweater holds a green cardboard produce box filled with an assortment of fresh vegetables.

Ever wondered how produce arrives at markets grocery stores in such pristine condition, even after a long journey? The secret lies in wax-coated produce boxes. Here’s a short intro to wax-coated produce boxes and how they benefit farmers.

Benefits of Wax Coating on Produce Boxes

Wax-coated produce boxes might not seem much different from other cardboard boxes, but they make all the difference when it comes to keeping fruits and veggies fresh.

Prepares Boxes for Cold Storage

Farmers know the importance of keeping produce cold to extend its shelf life. The wax coating on boxes helps them withstand cold storage conditions without losing their structure.

Makes Cardboard Waterproof

Cardboard and water don’t mix—unless they’ve got a wax coating! This feature keeps the boxes from absorbing moisture, making them perfect for transporting fresh produce.

Protects Produce From Moisture

Moisture is the enemy of fresh produce. The wax coating acts as a barrier, protecting the contents from external moisture that might sneak in during transit.

Pre-Punched Vents Provide Airflow

Fruits and vegetables continue to produce moisture through respiration after harvesting. While respiration is normal, too much moisture can lead to spoilage. Luckily, boxes with pre-punched vents can help to combat respiration.

Prevents Moisture Buildup

Vented holes in wax-coated boxes provide airflow, helping to dissipate moisture produced by respiration. This means produce stays fresh for longer than it would in non-vented boxes.

Maintains Produce Quality

Airflow ensures that fruits and veggies don’t get too moist, maintaining their quality from farm to table. No one wants a mushy tomato!

Recyclable Alternatives

Wax-coated cardboard vegetable boxes have their perks, but some types are not eco-friendly. Here’s the scoop on recyclable options:

Non-Wax Alternatives

Many non-wax-coated boxes are just as effective. They have a special wax-free coating that offers similar benefits.


New alternatives can be repulped and recycled. This is a win-win for both the environment and the food industry—keeping produce fresh while reducing waste.

Equally Effective

Don’t worry about sacrificing quality. Recyclable alternatives provide the same protection and benefits as wax-coated boxes, making them smart choices for anyone looking to go green with their greens.

Understanding the value of wax-coated produce boxes can make all the difference in how you handle and transport fresh produce. This short intro to wax-coated produce boxes can help you keep your produce fresh, your customers happy, and the planet healthy!