How Proper Packaging Reduces Food Waste

How Proper Packaging Reduces Food Waste
If you work on a farm, you always want to reduce your food waste. That way, all the food you grow ends up for sale. One of the best ways to do so is to use the proper packaging. You’ll enjoy more profit and less waste by making sure your packaging is the absolute best. Here’s how proper packaging reduces food waste and some ways to ensure you package your produce correctly.

Increases Shelf Life

Packaged goods will always last longer than nonpackaged goods. With the right farm packaging supplies for your goods, you’ll end up selling more. That’s due to the simple fact that more of your produce will make it to market. If you don’t package your goods correctly or if you use the wrong packaging, you’ll lose some of your supply in transport. Packing your fruits and vegetables in clamshell packaging or poly bags will do a lot for their shelf life. That means customers will get to buy your produce while it’s nice and fresh. As a result, you’ll waste far less food and have more satisfied customers.

Ways To Package Your Produce

Smart Packaging

There have been many innovations in agricultural packaging through the years. Today, farmers have access to intelligent packaging. It allows communication from the product to the consumer. You’ll even be able to monitor the temperature and environmental conditions during shipping. Smart packaging uses:
  • Radiofrequency identification to track the produce.
  • TTI sensors. These are time-temperature indicators that will let you monitor the temperature of your goods. You’ll be able to know if your goods undergo elevated temperatures for long periods of time. Using this feature will help you know if food has gone bad. You can also use it to prevent food spoilage by staying in touch with the transporters.

Protective Packaging

It goes without saying that you want your customers to receive your goods in pristine condition. That’s why protective packaging is so important. If you don’t protect your goods, you’ll end up wasting some due to damage. Your produce will go through a lot of turbulence and different temperatures and terrains. Protective packaging will keep your goods in excellent condition during the trip to the store. Protective packaging will also keep your goods clean and ripe during shipping. How proper packaging reduces food waste and the various methods of proper packaging are worth your consideration to enhance your profitability and maintain a quality product. You should employ the techniques listed above if you want to save more of the food you produce at your farm. You’ll help out the environment and make more money in the process.