How Waxed Vegetable Boxes Keep Your Produce Safe and Fresh

How Waxed Vegetable Boxes Keep Your Produce Safe and Fresh
Once your crops are done growing, you want to store them in a way that keeps them at their best. Whether you’re preparing for the farmer’s market or getting ready to ship a batch across the country, it’s essential to know how waxed vegetable boxes keep your produce safe and fresh.

Protection From Moisture

There’s always a risk of moisture no matter where you keep your boxes. Cardboard is an incredibly porous material that picks up a lot of outside humidity, making the box soggy. When shipping produce, cardboard risks damage from inside and outside humidity. Fortunately, in waxed vegetable boxes, the wax lining is an impregnable material that prevents moisture and humidity from damaging your produce.

Corrugation Prevents Spoilage

A critical way waxed vegetable boxes keep your produce fresh is through adequate ventilation. Tossing your vegetables into a regular box and taping it up puts your product at risk of quickly spoiling through improper temperature handling. Well-placed vents on wax produce boxes allow consistent airflow and temperature regulation. Waxed boxes are also self-locking, meaning you don’t need to dig out the masking tape to seal the box.

Easily Identifiable

It’s best to know the contents of each box when growing a variety of crops. Waxed vegetable boxes typically have a designated spot for labeling important information regarding your vegetables. These labels are a great way to track what type of vegetable is in each box and when the contents were harvested. Knowing which cardboard produce boxes have your potatoes in them will make things much easier when you’re ready to sell at the farmer’s market. We all want our vegetables to stay as fresh as possible between harvesting and eating. Storing your veggies in a waxed vegetable box is a surefire way to keep them safe from outside risks of temperature and humidity. Globe Bag has a product for you for all your produce storage needs.