Reasons Potatoes Are Stored in Potato Sacks

Reasons Potatoes Are Stored in Potato Sacks
Potato sacks, also known as gunny sacks, are staples of any potato farming operation. If you’ve never seen them before, they’re typically brown burlap sacks that can carry around 100 pounds of potatoes apiece. And they’re vital because any sacks or bags to store potatoes need to block light while allowing air to flow through. You may have seen them used at your local fair for sack-racing. Potato sacks provide numerous benefits to farmers’ endeavors. So, without further ado, here are a few of the reasons potatoes are stored in potato sacks.

They Keep the Potatoes Fresh

You might wonder what potato sacks are made from. Their material is typically burlap. Potato sacks are exceptional for the crop because the burlap material allows air to come in, letting the potatoes breathe. The material also excludes light, which would prematurely age the potatoes. These features are crucial for bringing the crop to market because the fresher the potatoes are when they get to the store, the more appealing they are to consumers. Luckily, burlap potato bags are inexpensive.

Potato Sacks Are Very Affordable

Potatoes can be a worthwhile crop, and farmers are always looking for cheap items that are good for business and available in large quantities. In that respect, potato sacks are the perfect options for storing inventory. Many different retailers offer them, and they’re available for individual purchase or in bulk quantities. Any business-owner will tell you that the best way to save on inventory is to buy in bulk, which is why potato sacks are the most affordable options for potato storage.

They’re a Practical Way To Organize Crops

Potato packaging bags are also easy to place in rows, columns, or piles for simple storage solutions. They make it much easier to store large bundles of potatoes in business-ready stocks of inventory. Every business needs to have organized inventory in order for operations to run smoothly. In that respect, potato sacks are hard to beat because they’re easy to carry, toss, and move when your inventory varies.

Their Uses Exceed Potato Storage

The primary function of a potato sack is to store the titular crop, but the bag has other uses as well. As we mentioned, sack races are popular recreational activities for leftover bags. And even if you accidentally rip a potato sack, it still serves a purpose. The cloth material works well as a dish rag or towel. During the Great Depression, people used potato sacks to make clothes for their families, and when the textile industry found out, they began printing clothing designs onto their potato sacks. There are countless reasons potatoes are stored in potato sacks, but these bags are beneficial for storing other crops as well. Whatever you use them for, finding them shouldn’t be too challenging.

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