The Benefits of Selling Onions at a Farmers Market

The Benefits of Selling Onions at a Farmers Market
Farmers markets are wholesome events that truly bring the community together. They highlight various local businesses and provide them with opportunities to thrive and establish themselves within the community. At farmers markets, craftspeople, farmers, and other vendors can engage personally with their customers and offer patrons a unique and individualized experience with their products’ brand. For a harvester, Farmers markets are highly profitable for a harvester, as many people who visit farmers markets are on the hunt for the freshest, most appealing, and super local fruits and vegetables. If you’re ready to set up your own farmers market booth, consider which of your crops will be the most profitable. In this article, Globe Bag Company explores the benefits of selling onions at a farmers market and tips for having a successful experience as a vendor.

The Best Reasons To Take Part in a Farmers Market

If you’ve ever been to a farmers market yourself, you understand why they’re the highlight of some people’s weeks—they’re charming, offer diverse selections of goods, and bring community members together. Since they typically occur outside, vendors and customers also get to enjoy some fresh air and warm, sunny rays.

It’s a Wonderful Opportunity To Get Engaged With the Community

As mentioned, farmers markets attract people from all over, creating a unique sense of community within the market. As a farmer, you may live in a remote area for agricultural purposes, which makes it more difficult to get to know the few neighbors you have. When you set up a vendor booth at a market, you can interact with folks all day long, getting to know more and more people from both inside and outside of your town.

It’s an Easy and Profitable Way To Gain Brand Awareness

When you return each week—or however often your local farmers market occurs—customers will start to recognize you and your produce. You can gain loyal customers upon every return, making each trip to the market a profitable one. To make your produce recognizable, find a way to make it your own. You can give your onions some flare with vibrant onion mesh bags and a unique label. If you don’t have time for embellishments, you could always default to a neat business card or set up a QR code that links to your website if you have one.

You Can Learn From Other Farmers or Give Them Tips

Your booth is likely to sit among those of other experienced farmers with whom you can exchange helpful tips and resources for successful harvesting. On the flip side, there may be individuals who are new to farming and might need guidance, and you could advise them as an agricultural mentor.

It Can Serve as a Consistent Hobby

If you’re looking for hobbies to get into this summer, give farmers markets a try. Throughout the summer, you can find fun ways to make your vendor booth more engaging and continue learning more about yourself. Not only will the markets attract an eclectic assortment of people each time, but they’ll also bring a diverse selection of goods. Set up your booth with a few family members or friends so that each of you can check out some of the other vendors yourself!

Why Sell Onions?

With all the produce you could possibly sell at a farmers market, it might be difficult to pick just ones. So why onions? Let’s look into the benefits of selling onions at a farmers market.

The Health Benefits of Onions

Onions have a lot of impressive health benefits that may come as a surprise to you. Below, Globe Bag Company gets into the rich health perks that you can advertise to prospective buyers at the farmers market.

Very Nutritious

Onions are full of nutrients, making them a beneficial addition to any savory dish. While they remain low in calories, onions are dense with vitamins and minerals. A few coveted nutrients that onions contain include:
  • Vitamin C: contributes to immune system health, collagen production, iron absorption, and tissue repair.
  • B vitamins: contributes to metabolism, proper nerve function, and red blood cell production.
  • Potassium: contributes to nerve function and muscle contraction, and it regulates blood pressure.

Advantageous to Heart Health

Inflammation can increase a person’s risk of developing heart disease. The antioxidants in onions reduce inflammation. Onions’ anti-inflammatory properties can also lower high blood pressure, your risk of blood clots, and high levels of cholesterol.

Plenty of Antioxidants

Onions have over 25 different variants of flavonoid antioxidants. The powerful plant pigments, anthocyanins, loaded in onions can protect against diabetes, heart disease, and even certain cancers.

Reduce Risk of Certain Cancers

Onions are of the Allium genus. Studies have shown that this genus of vegetables may lower the risk of stomach, colorectal, and other cancers.

Can Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

For folks susceptible to diabetes, incorporating onions into their diet can be especially helpful, as it contains quercetin, which helps regulate blood sugar.

May Benefit Digestive Health

Onions can also support positive gut health, as they are full of fiber and prebiotics. Beneficial gut bacteria eat your body’s prebiotics and produce short-chain fatty acids that boost digestive health and immunity and decrease inflammation.

The Popularity of Onions

With all the health benefits and rich flavors that onions provide, it’s no surprise that they’re so popular. Onions play a role in so many different dishes worldwide, making them a sure favorite at any farmers market. There are also a variety of onions you could sell—red, yellow, white—making your vendor booth’s potential for popularity even greater. You can home in on your selling points for one type of onion or expand your horizons and clientele base by offering various types—whatever your harvest yields.

Onions Go Well With Lots of Other Produce

Like we said, onions go well in a slew of delicious dishes. As such, onions are highly compatible with a lot of other produce that is likely to be at a farmers market. You can situate yourself next to a tomato or potato vendor—either way, you’ll attract surrounding customers who are looking for ways to amp up the flavor of their fresh veggie assortment. The Benefits of Selling Onions at a Farmers Market