What Are the Most Popular Apple Types You Should Be Selling?

What Are the Most Popular Apple Types You Should Be Selling?
Apples are among the best fruits to grow because they’re healthy, delicious, and relatively easy to manage. Although apple growers typically harvest during the fall, it’s never too early to start thinking about which types you want to start this year. Any farmer looking to tap into the local market needs to know the answer to this essential question: What are the most popular apple types you should be selling? Keep reading to take a look at which saplings and seeds are worth considering.

Red Delicious

The most popular type of apple in the country is the Red Delicious. However, some find the name ironic because it’s not the most powerful option available in terms of flavor. It has a long shelf life and a bright red appearance. In addition, the thick skin on Red Delicious apples helps preserve their eye-catching appearance and offers a crumbly texture. Best of all, you can grow them almost anywhere, making this apple variety a versatile and lucrative type to grow.


No, this isn’t the computer that Apple Inc. put out in the ‘80s. In fact, this is where they got the name for the Macintosh brand! McIntosh apples have a striking red hue that’s arguably more impressive than Red Delicious apples. Furthermore, the bold flavor of McIntosh apples is the perfect balance between acidic and sweet, luscious enough to compliment their appearance. These apples are typically grown in the northeastern parts of the country, states bordering the Great Lakes, and parts of eastern Canada.

Golden Delicious

This apple is similar to the Red Delicious in both name and flavor, but it boasts a vibrant yellow appearance. Also known as Yellow Delicious, Golden Delicious has a milder flavor with plenty of juiciness. This apple is another popular type to grow and sell because you can grow it practically anywhere, and it works well in salads, desserts, and many types of meals.

Granny Smith

Last but not least is the Granny Smith, which is easily recognizable thanks to its neon green color and stout shape. This apple is crisp, much more tart than other varieties, and sweetens when it’s in storage. These apples are a fantastic, in-demand year-round crop, so you may want to search for apple bags wholesale to aid in your venture before the growing season gets too far along. Whether you have an entire orchard to grow them in or you just want to add some fruit to your personal farming setup, growing apples and selling them can prove quite profitable. Now that you know which types you should grow, you won’t be wondering, “What are the most popular apple types I should be selling?” any time soon.