What To Expect When Buying Apples in Bulk

Large, red Fuji apples piled into paper cartons sit on a table for sale at a farmers market in front of other produce.

You probably know that buying produce in bulk can be a great way to save money if you’re a savvy shopper. Since apples have a long shelf life, you also won’t need to shop as frequently. However, buying in bulk can be an overwhelming prospect if this is your first time doing it. Here’s what to expect when buying apples in bulk so you can prepare.

Understand the Pricing

Grocers, gardeners, orchards, and farmers sell apples by quantity, volume (bushel, peck), or weight (pounds). While most grocery stores sell apples by the pound, orchards and farmers markets often sell them by quantity or volume. Learning what these measurements mean is wise so you can understand how much you’re buying.

  • Peck: A measurement of 8 dry quarts. It’s also sometimes called a ¼ bushel. On average, you’ll get about 10 pounds worth, or 30 apples.
  • ¼ Bushel: One peck.
  • ½ Bushel: Two pecks.
  • Bushel: A measurement of 32 dry quarts. There are four pecks in a bushel. You’ll get just over 40 pounds worth, or about 120 apples.

Buying in Bulk Costs More Upfront

While buying a large quantity of apples will lower the unit price, it will cost more upfront. For example, say you were trying to decide between a peck of apples for 15 dollars and a single apple for one dollar. The peck of apples is the cheaper option, even though it has a higher cost upfront. Make sure you create a budget to avoid overspending.

The Seller Might Not Offer Packaging

Bring extra bags or boxes with you if you’re not sure what to expect when buying apples in bulk for the first time. The seller might not provide packaging, especially if the apples come from an agriculture co-op. Choose the best packaging for apples, something that can handle a lot of weight like heavy-duty bags made from paper or plastic.

You’ll Get a Lot of Apples

You’ll need room to store the apples and a plan to utilize them. After all, wasting the fruit will also waste the cost-savings you earned from buying in bulk. Plan to make pies, jams, and applesauce to preserve the fruit. Apples are always a great fruit to keep on hand. Making a bulk buy can save you money and ensure you always have a delicious snack.