Why Produce Is Stored in Cardboard Boxes

Why Produce Is Stored in Cardboard Boxes

An essential part of any agricultural business, small or large, is maintaining produce quality. Once fruits and vegetables get cut from their mother plant or uprooted from the ground, they begin their decaying process. Ensuring your harvests remain in top shape and away from external dangers, like pests and weather influences, keeps them in prime form and fit for sales.

Proper storage helps you maintain your crops’ quality and offers numerous other benefits. One of the most popular storage solutions is cardboard boxes. Here is why produce is stored in cardboard and how it ensures your items receive good care.

Produce Protection

Cardboard boxes feature a sturdy structure. Their walls and flaps create solid barriers that keep dangers outside and away from your produce. Along with providing protection against external influences, boxes also protect crops from potential collisions, bruising, and transportation dangers. Their structural design keeps your harvests contained and closed off from bumping into other surfaces, minimizing scrapes, bruises, and bumps. Plus, it stops any spherical fruits and veggies from rolling away, ensuring they stay secured and stored.

Easy Transportation Handling

When people move homes, they use boxes to store and carry their belongings. It provides them with a means to transport bulk supplies in one carrier, optimizing the moving process. Similarly, using vegetable cartons for produce transportation streamlines the hauling and shipping process. Cardboard boxes allow you to pack and store large quantities of stock and carry them between destinations with ease. On top of creating a one-and-done transportation and storage system, they also provide you with easy handling. They are easy to grip, lift, and pack, expediting the transportation process.

Moisture Absorbent

Cardboard boxes consist of a material composition made from wood fibers which possess the same properties as any other form of wood. They give cardboard the ability to absorb moisture, making them a great storage solution for combating humidity. Since the wood fibers absorb any nearby moisture, items within a cardboard box remain fairly free of moisture. The boxes mimic ideal storage conditions, keeping your goods fresh and in their prime.

Eco-Friendly Storage Solution

For environmental-centered businesses, cardboard cartons provide one of the most eco-friendly storage solutions. Their natural material composition makes them recyclable and biodegradable, creating less waste pollution and minimal carbon footprint. Plus, cardboard offers multiple uses, making them a versatile material fit for other needs like craft projects and natural fire fuel.

Cardboard boxes provide numerous beneficial properties, making them perfect for produce storage. They protect your goods and offer multiple functional benefits, enhancing your business in more than one way. Hopping on board and storing your produce in cardboard cartons ensures you keep your crops in good hands and optimize your handling, transportation, and storage practices.