4 Tips for Safely Storing Your Apple Harvest

4 Tips for Safely Storing Your Apple Harvest

Keeping your harvested fruit safe is essential when you plan to sell them, so you’ll need to establish a secure storage space until then. Many accidents may occur before you decide what to do with your apples, but you can store them in ways that ensure they keep. Use these tips to store your apples safely and ensure your granny smiths and fujis look as good as they taste.

Wrap Each Apple in Newspaper

This method is great for preventing your apples from freezing if you pick your harvest during the fall. While apples need a cool, dark place for storage, frigid temperatures may cause them to freeze or degrade.

The newspaper will provide enough insulation to prevent them from freezing while maintaining a cool condition that will help them last for months. Poke holes in the paper to provide ventilation to the apples and extend their freshness until you take them out of storage. The thickness of the newspaper will also provide insulation that will keep your apple harvest safe while in storage.

Use the Crisper Drawer

Most commercial refrigerators have a crisper drawer at the bottom to store items that require cold temperatures. Use the crisper drawer to store your apple harvest in ideal conditions. The refrigerator is dark until you open the door, and it remains cool; both aspects will provide the best space for picked apples to survive.

Store Them in Plastic Bags With Holes

Another way to store apples is inside plastic bags. Plastic apple fruit bags with small holes in them provide air circulation. These bags are helpful in safely storing and transporting your apple harvest.

Typically, each apple will have its bag, and you’ll need to tie the top closed to prevent it from rolling out. However, there are options with a drawstring that makes securing them more convenient. Buy large quantities of these bags before you harvest your apples and have storage space in a cool, dark place ready for them.

Place Your Apples in a Beer Bottle Box

A 12 or 24-pack beer bottle box will have individual slots you can place each apple into, ensuring they don’t roll around. These boxes are a great way to safely store your apple harvest throughout the year since there are multiple spaces for each apple.

You could keep the box in the open so they receive air in the winter and close it in the basement where it’s cooler in the summer. Plus, transporting the apples in a box is easier.

Your apple harvest deserves the best conditions for storage after you’ve worked hard to grow them. Use these tips to help you find a safe place for your harvest and keep them fresh and crisp for your next customer.