A Quick Overview of How To Shuck Corn Like a Pro

A Quick Overview of How To Shuck Corn Like a Pro

For many, shucking corn on the cob is a tedious job, especially when removing pesky silks. The thin corn hair gets stuck in between kernels and makes a mess. However, there are numerous hacks and tricks to shucking corn, transforming it into a simple and easy process. Here is a quick overview of how to shuck corn like a pro.

Traditional Shucking Method

Step 1: Split the Corn Husks in Half

Near the top of the corn, gather the husks and silks into two groups, then split the corn down the middle. This creates two halves to work with, allowing you to shuck in two swift motions. Make sure to gather all the silks at the top of each half to minimize them getting stuck in between kernels.

Step 2: Pull the Layers Back

Bunch up one half, collecting all the husk layers and strings, exposing the corn’s top kernels. Then, pull back the bunched half like a banana peel. Once you peel the grouped husks and kernels down to the stalk, rip them off. Repeat with the other half of silks and husks, but when you reach the bottom, break off the stalk.

Cooked Corn Hack

For boiled or steamed corn, one hack involves cooking the corn with the husks still on. Steaming and boiling softens the husks and allows their lingering flavors to be absorbed by the kernels. After cooking the corn, as in the traditional method, create two peels and strip the husks and silks back. Then break the peeled layers and stalk off. Make sure to wait for the corn to cool before shucking, or wear protective gloves to avoid burns.

Quick Microwave Shuck

Similar to boiling and steaming corn, microwaving corn with the husks still on makes shucking ten times easier and cleaner. The heat and steamed water soften the husks and silks, allowing for a painless strip. For an even faster shucking process, cut the stalk and bottom end off the corn before microwaving. Once you remove the corn from the microwave, hold the top end of the corn ear and slide the cob out, shucking the corn of its husk and silk in one swoop.

Removing the various outer layers of corn is a tedious task for beginners. Applying some of these methods from our quick overview of how to shuck corn like a pro allows you to strip the corn in quick, minimal, and effortless steps. Enjoy more corn with these simple shucking hacks, and make savoring its juicy flavors a more delightful experience.

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