The Reason Why Oranges Are Sold in Red Mesh Bags

The Reason Why Oranges Are Sold in Red Mesh Bags

Various fruits and vegetables require different storage methods, such as oranges. Produce sellers often sell bundles of oranges in red mesh bags, but the reasoning is unclear to many consumers. Continue reading to discover the reasons oranges are sold in red mesh bags.

The Munker Illusion

Colors often affect each other. This optical effect, known as the Munker illusion, is the primary reason oranges are sold in red mesh bags. The Munker illusion causes a shape to look brighter or richer when in the presence of lines of a different color; it may also distort the image by mixing the present pigments.

The brain tries to differentiate between two objects when you place a colored stripe over a colored shape. The result is a mixing of colors in the receptors of both eyes, and the shape underneath the stripes emits a different visual. Different effects may occur depending on the stripes overlaying the shape and the present colors.

The Munker illusion is why oranges look better in a red mesh bag than in a plastic produce bag. The mesh’s red lines overlaying the fruit’s orange skin create a brighter color that makes the fruit look fresh and juicy.

The Value of Mesh for Oranges

Oranges often have some heft to them when packaged together. Mesh is an ideal material to ensure the oranges remain contained and have enough air to keep them fresh. Like many fruits, oranges need oxygen to ripen and taste better for consumers.

The gaps in the mesh ensure enough ventilation and enough closure to prevent large insects from getting inside the bag. Mesh is durable enough to bear the weight of oranges. The plastic mesh ensures the bag won’t rip and spill the oranges if you decide to hang it up. Choose mesh for your oranges and provide a safe method of storage and transport at the next farmers market.

Other Fruits Sold in Red Mesh Bags

Besides oranges, other fruits use a red mesh bag. Tangerines are often sold in red mesh bags and may be confused with oranges from time to time because of their similarities. The red mesh optimizes the appearance of tangerines similar to oranges and makes the fruit look fresher.

Other orange or yellowish fruits, such as grapefruits and apricots, use red mesh produce bags for storage and containment since the red lines of the mesh also improve their appearance. The majority of fruits with like colors typically store well in red mesh produce bags and sell better.

You can store oranges in numerous ways, but a red mesh bag is one of the best ways to sell and contain them. Consider these reasons and how they could help you sell your oranges and other orange-yellow produce.