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24" x 24" Red Mesh Firewood Bags

24" x 24" Red Mesh Firewood Bags

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Firewood is bulky and awkward to carry in large quantities. However, our 24” x 24” red mesh firewood bags are the perfect way to transport your logs safely and comfortably. These bags are designed with firewood in mind, offering more resistance to rips and tears than standard bags. And with their 50 lb. capacity, you can transport plenty of logs at once. Our mesh firewood bags are reliable and durable, but that's not all. The plastic mesh material is designed to absorb the weight of your logs, putting less stress on your body and making it much easier to haul firewood around.

Our mesh bags for firewood also maintain the quality of your wood. The mesh material facilitates better air circulation, which keeps the firewood dry and ready for use. With our 24” x 24” red mesh firewood bags, you'll experience the many benefits of organized, reliable, and comfortable firewood transportation. No more multiple runs, splinters, or awkward carrying solutions. Now, you can transport bulk quantities of firewood with ease. Order your firewood bags today!

Quantity: 400

Quantity Pack: 400

Size: 24" x 24"

Material: Plastic Mesh

Customizable: No

Color: Red

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