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1-Bushel Bulk Apple Box Outer

1-Bushel Bulk Apple Box Outer

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This is only one piece of a two-piece box. Combine this outer with our inner cardboard apple boxes to create a truly secure and durable container.

Apples are among the trickiest fruits to transport to the farmer’s market safely. Without proper storage, apples can bruise and spoil easily. Luckily, cardboard apple boxes provide protection against the bumps and knocks that may occur during transit, keeping your apples in top condition.

At Globe Bag Company, we’ve designed a two-piece cardboard container that can improve the process of transporting bulk quantities of apples. Combining this 1-bushel bulk apple box outer with its inner piece creates a secure apple container that protects your produce from falling out, knocking around, and facing external threats, from rodents to sun exposure.

On its own, this 1-bushel bulk apple box outer still makes a great transportation and storage solution, offering functionality as a single carrier or cardboard container lid. Order a bulk quantity of cardboard apple boxes today so that you can have plenty of produce storage and transportation solutions in stock.

Size: 19 1/6 x 12 5/8 x 9 13/16

Material: Cardboard

Color: Natural Kraft with Green and Red Print

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