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1/6 BBL 57 lb Brown Grocery Bag

1/6 BBL 57 lb Brown Grocery Bag

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Brown paper grocery bags are staples of farmers’ markets and are excellent choices for carrying various produce. Our 1/6 BBL 57 lb brown grocery bag holds lots of fruits and vegetables. The natural kraft paper material is durable and retains its strength even when holding heavier loads of produce. Additionally, these brown paper grocery bags are biodegradable and make for a sustainable purchase at the farmers’ market, thanks to their reusability.

Order these bags when you plan to sell bushels of apples or glints of oranges. Globe Bag Company sells brown paper grocery bags wholesale and wants to provide you with the tools you need to handle your crops. For more information on our 1/6 BBL 60 lb brown grocery bag, visit our contact page or call 1-(800)-892-2004. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Quantity: 500/Bundle

Size: 12" x 7" x 17"

Material: Paper

Customizable: Custom Printing Available

Color: Natural Kraft

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