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Hydro Cool Lettuce 24 Head Waxed Box

Hydro Cool Lettuce 24 Head Waxed Box

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Lettuce is a temperamental vegetable that requires proper ventilation and regulated temperatures. When you need the best packaging for your heads of lettuce, consider buying our hydro cool lettuce 24 head waxed box. When shipping or transporting lettuce, it’s essential to provide airflow in whatever container you use. These boxes have numerous holes on their surfaces to maintain ventilation, and the handles on the sides make carrying them easier.

This lettuce box uses waxed cardboard that creates a moisture barrier for the lettuce. Your lettuce heads will remain safe on their travels from sources of moisture outside the box. Buy our hydro cool lettuce 24 head waxed box today, and keep your lettuce safe until it reaches its destination. Reach out via our contact page, or call 1-(800)-892-2004.

Size: 22 1/8 x 15 3/4 x 11 3/8

Material: Waxed Cardboard

Color: White with Green Print

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