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Onion Baler Bags

Onion Baler Bags

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Onion baler bags are your go-to option for storing your onions in a secure manner. These onion bags have a mesh design that ensures maximum breathability. This ensures durable long-term storage that prevents them from rotting quickly. This bag is intended to hold 2-3lb bags of onions, providing a significant amount of storage for your harvest. Our onion baler bags are suitable for small loads, making them an ideal choice for selling bags of onions at the farmer’s market.

If you want to increase the storage space for your onions, our 50 lb. onion bags have a strong weave that withstands heavy weight and ensures breathability. Visit our contact page or call (800) 892-2004 if you have any questions about our products; we’re happy to help you preserve and store your produce and ensure you have the right equipment to do so.

Quantity: 2,000/Bale

Size: 20.5" X 32" (52cm x 80cm)

Material: Plastic Mesh

Customizable: No

Color: Red Mesh

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Shipping costs are determined by the physical volume of what is ordered. We ship orders via FedEx or Common Carrier. Lift gate is available for delivery with notification for an extra charge.

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